Vredeburg fortress museum which is located at zero kilometer area of Yogyakarta city makes an appeal for tourists. This fort is surrounded by ancient buildings of Dutch relic such as Great House (former home of the resident), Ngejaman church (GPIB Margamulya), Senisono building (fused with the Great House), BNI office in 1946, post office, Bank of Indonesia and Societeit Militaire. Therefore, Vredeburg fortress museum becomes tourist destination that is unique and distinctive culture in Yogyakarta.

In its service to society, Vredeburg cannot be separated from the elements of education because basically a museum has two functions: as a recreation and a place of education. The information related with the historical, cultural and noble values of struggle conveyed to the younger generation in edutainment nuance, which is derived from the education and entertainment.

Thus, Vredeburg which is known as a museum has been attached to the city of Yogyakarta. The historical background of Yogyakarta city as the Sultanate of Yogyakarta or the capital of the Republic of Indonesia cannot be separated with the history of Vredeburg. However, Vredeburg preservation as a museum is not meant to glorify the colonialism symbol. The only goal is meant to get a new function that can provide information and aspiration of the national struggles for future generations.

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